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Echoes Of Horror

by Ghoulchapel



This is our long awaited 3rd full length album, entitled "Echoes Of Horror", conceptually based on creepypasta horror stories!
We hope you'll enjoy every song and appreciate all the hard work we put into this record.

Mark Erskine - all instruments, vocals
Ando Kamavosyan - vocals

All graphic design done by Mark Erskine (Gravedealer Art)


released November 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Ghoulchapel Yerevan, Armenia

Symphonic black/death metal band from Armenia

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Track Name: Hunger
It was a hard times for our town
The hunger and poorness was devouring all
I had a little son and beautiful wife
We tried every way to stay alive
We tried every way to survive

But I knew, this couldn't last too long,
We already ate all what we had,
And nobody can help us here,
Many have died, while others trying to survive

The hunger kills me , I can no longer stand.
I look at my wife , she understands it well...
The night arrived, our child are in a world of his dreams.

I feel the childish smell of my son,
We greedily ate his every inch of meat
Now we're happy again,
We got rid of the pain.

A few days later, I felt the hunger again,
And I knew what should I do
To ease the pain.

The night arrived, I took my old and truthful ax
Entered the room of my wife, and after that
I was fed and happy again.
Track Name: Of Unsound Mind
Today the skies are gray again,
The rain dripping from the roofs
A raindrops on my window adorn the city

I hate this life , I hate myself!
And there's the meaning of this shit?
Does God exist? I need a second chance.
But no, I'm godless, I don't believe in miracles.

I remember the people, they're scared for their lifes.
I remember my friends, their ugly looks on me
I hate them, I want to kill myself, and want to kill them all.

Do you know the joy of death?
Do you feel the joy of fear ?
I look at their faces, they're scared,
and that's my joy.
They see the gun in my hand,
I shoot them all
And then I shoot myself.

What's this place? The hell?
But there's no fires or demons,
There's only white walls around me ,
I can't move and breathe,
But still I feel joy instead of grief.

Today the skies are gray again,
The rain dripping from the roofs
There's no distress, there's no more pain,
I'm not a crazy man , I need no proof.
Track Name: The Night Visitor
I lay on my bed , it is late night ,
The wind bawls , cold outside...
I see myself in mirrors
Surrounding my room,
I feel someone's presence,
I'm alone under the moon...

I start to fall asleep and motionless I lay on bed,
But still I have strange feeling,
Of something bad.

And suddenly I hear a noise,
Like someone sat on edge of bed,
I'm scared to breath,
My eyes wont open ,
I've never felt this kind of dread!

I'm sweating and I can't make noise
I don't know what to do, I'm all alone

I feel his look on me,
His breath and noise,
And that ominous smell
I'm scared to death, I want to yell.

And then I tried to move my hand,
I realized - that thing is gone.
There's bloody writing on the walls -
"I killed your family. Sleep tight, my work is done" ...
..."My work is done."
Track Name: Faceless
He has no face , his arms are long,
He wears black coat , walking in the night alone.
And if you see him , run for your life,
If he catches you , you can't survive.

No-ordinary kid in past ,
Was bullied all the time ,
His ugly face was mockery for others,
Poor child, outcast.

One day , they lured him into woods,
They mocked and killed him like a dog,
He cursed them hundred times,
Before he died.

His soul can't find no rest ,
And he became a faceless
He wants revenge, a bloody feast
And if you see him - you're hopeless.

He has no face , his arms are long,
He wears black coat , walking in the night alone.
And if you see him , run for your life,
If he catches you , you can't survive.
Track Name: Tomino's Hell
Elder sister vomits blood,
younger sister’s breathing fire
while sweet little Tomino
just spits up the jewels.

All alone does Tomino
go falling into that hell,
a hell of utter darkness,
without even flowers.

Is Tomino’s big sister
the one who whips him?
The purpose of the scourging
hangs dark in his mind.

Lashing and thrashing him, ah!
But never quite shattering.
One sure path to Avici,
the eternal hell.

Into that blackest of hells
guide him now, I pray—
to the golden sheep,
to the nightingale.

How much did he put
in that leather pouch
to prepare for his trek to
eternal hell?

Spring is coming
to the valley, to the wood,
to the spiraling chasms
of the blackest hell.

The nightingale in her cage,
the sheep aboard the wagon,
and tears well up in the eyes
of sweet little Tomino.

Sing, o nightingale,
in the vast, misty forest—
he screams he only misses
his little sister.

His wailing desperation
echoes throughout hell—
a fox peony
opens its golden petals.

Down past the seven mountains
and seven rivers of hell—
the solitary journey
of sweet little Tomino.

If in this hell they be found,
may they then come to me, please,
those sharp spikes of punishment
from Needle Mountain.

Not just on some empty whim
Is flesh pierced with blood-red pins:
they serve as hellish signposts
for sweet little Tomino
Track Name: Shadow People
They hide in dark, while you're asleep,
They watch you every night,
You'll never know the mystery they keep,
Don't try to learn, don't turn the light.

And when you'll notice something weird,
like moving silhouettes in darkness,
It's shadow people, they have appeared,
Don't even think they're harmless.

You'll feel an unfathomable fear,
crawling through your every nerve.
Don't try to see them clear,
They're the only ones
Who can observe.

I warn you, though I shouldn't care,
Don't stare at them for too long
They're hungry and they want your fear,
No sense of right or wrong.

And if you'll break these rules I gave
And try to learn somehow,
They'll take yo u to the coldest grave,
That is where I am now.

The shadow people are there
near your bed, every night
watching you while you're in dreams
no one else will hear your screams...
Track Name: Murderous Dreams
He was planning this terrible deed,
And rage was growing in his infected head..

Suffering from loneliness and depression,
He were building the walls around him,
So nobody didn't knew
what's happening to him,
He was wondering it's in his dream...

A kind and happy man in the past,
With loving daughter and wife,
But something came and changed his mind,
And he became an outcast.

That day has come,
and his plans came true,
This night, when everyone's sleeping,
He charges his gun.

He didn't realized what he did ,
The walls all covered with blood of his child and wife.

Freed from loneliness and depression,
He crushed the walls that he build around him,
And the demon who ruled his mind,
Left him and disappeared,
He realized - it wasn't a dream ...