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The Night Visitor

by Ghoulchapel



A new single from our upcoming album "Echoes Of Horror" , coming in late 2016.


I lay on my bed , it is late night ,
The wind bawls , cold outside...
I see myself in mirrors
Surrounding my room,
I feel someone's presence,
I'm alone under the moon...

I start to fall asleep and motionless I lay on bed,
But still I have strange feeling,
Of something bad.

And suddenly I hear a noise,
Like someone sat on edge of bed,
I'm scared to breath,
My eyes won't open ,
I've never felt this kind of dread!

I'm sweating and I can't make noise
I don't know what to do, I'm all alone

I feel his look on me,
His breath and noise,
And that ominous smell
I'm scared to death, I want to yell.

And then I tried to move my hand,
I realized - that thing is gone.
There's bloody writing on the walls -
"I killed your family. Sleep tight, my work is done" ...


released June 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Ghoulchapel Yerevan, Armenia

Symphonic black/death metal band from Armenia

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